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Top 5 Web Design Agencies

top 5 web designing sgencies

In 2024, having a good website is really important for businesses. It’s the way for people to know and interact with your brand. So, it is crucial to know that your website is a very important tool, especially now that the internet is such a big part of our lives.

A business website can be created using different techniques. Freelance designers can be of much help in this case, and ,not forgetting,thousands of tools are available where you can design your site using blocks or see how it will appear before you publish it. But professional agencies offer something special that you might not find anywhere else. They take your website to the next level.

As a website designer myself, I’ve learned a lot about these agencies. I did a lot of research, worked with some of them, and picked five that I think can give you amazing results. They can make your brand look really good and help your business grow. This list isn’t in order from best to worst. Instead, it’s a collection of different agencies that are all great in their own way and can help different kinds of clients.

1. Clay

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Clay is a website design company located in San Francisco. They are really good at working with tech startups. They offer a lot of services like branding, designing websites, and making the user experience (UX) and look of the website (UI) better. Clay has a small team but they are very experienced. They have worked with big companies like Slack, Snapchat, Amazon, and Facebook. They also help startups that are doing new things in areas like finance technology (fintech) and cryptocurrency (crypto).

Their main focus is on making websites easy to use, making brands look good, and making sure the website works well and looks good too. Clay is a big company with more than 80 people working there. They have done projects for many different industries like technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. If you want to see their work, you can check out their portfolio on their website. They also have profiles on Twitter, Dribbble, and Instagram where you can see more about what they do.

2. Huge

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Huge is another enormous company that specializes in web design and other creativity. They are the best choice if you need a large agency that can handle everything. Huge is known for being a top website design company in the US. They are based in Brooklyn and have many offices around the world. They started out in the early 2000s doing internet marketing and making websites. Now, they do a lot more like branding and web development, but web design is still one of their main things. If you want a big agency that knows what they’re doing, Huge is a good choice.

They have over 1200 people working for them and have worked with big companies like Google, Spotify, and Nike. Their projects cover different industries like technology, e-commerce, and food & beverage. You can see their work on their website and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about what they do.

3. Work & Co

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Work & Co is a highly esteemed digital agency that specializes in web design, development, and internet marketing services, particularly catering to ecommerce brands and those emphasizing product display and promotion. Known for their hands-on approach and commitment to meeting clients’ unique needs, Work & Co has earned a stellar reputation since its establishment in 2013. While headquartered in Brooklyn, NYC, they maintain six global locations, enabling them to provide personalized attention to a diverse range of clients.

With a team of approximately 350 professionals, Work & Co has collaborated with renowned clients such as Apple, YouTube, and Nike. Their portfolio spans across industries including technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and more, showcasing their expertise in crafting effective and visually appealing websites. For further insight into their work, interested parties can explore their portfolio on their official website and connect with them on professional networks such as LinkedIn.

4. Dentsu International

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Dentsu International is a prominent Japanese advertising and public relations company, renowned for its global presence and extensive experience in the advertisement industry.

As one of the largest marketing and advertising agency networks worldwide, Dentsu International operates across multiple continents, serving thousands of clients and maintaining a strong presence in countries like Brazil, Australia, and Switzerland. Dentsu stands out not only as an agency but also as a network with strategic partnerships with firms like Carat and Merkle, ensuring access to diverse expertise and services for its clients.

Dentsu’s approach encompasses all stages of the customer journey, offering creative services, media experiences, and customer experience management (CXM). The company specializes in sectors such as gaming, health, commerce, and B2B. With a team of 35,000 professionals, Dentsu International has collaborated with notable clients such as Philips, P&G, and Microsoft. Their portfolio includes impressive web design projects like “The Coca-Cola Company For The Human Race.” For a deeper look into their work, interested individuals can explore Dentsu’s portfolio on their official website and connect with them on various social networks including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

5. Instrument

Instrument is a leading web design, digital marketing, and brand agency with offices in Portland and New York City. They are considered one of the top web design companies in Portland, offering a wide range of services to clients worldwide. With offices in both Portland, Oregon, and New York City, Instrument can provide hands-on and exceptional services to clients no matter where they are located. Their large team includes experts in various disciplines, ensuring comprehensive services in web design, development, digital marketing, and brand strategy. They are known for their innovative approach to service and product development, focusing on helping organizations better connect with their target audiences.

Instrument’s team consists of 400 professionals, and they have worked with renowned clients such as Dropbox, Sonos, YouTube, and Patagonia. Their portfolio includes notable projects like Levi’s. For a closer look at their work, interested parties can explore Instrument’s portfolio on their official website and connect with them on social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Here are the steps to follow once you hire a web design agency:

  • Start by talking clearly with the agency about what you want. Share your goals, how you want your website to look, and what features it needs.
  • Give the design team all the details about your brand, like logos, colors, and the feeling you want your website to give visitors.

  • Stay in touch with the project team regularly. Have meetings to check progress, discuss any changes, and make sure they’re following your vision.
  • Test the website thoroughly before it goes live. This includes checking how everything works, making sure it looks good, and testing it with users to see if they find it easy to use.


1) How long does it take to build a website from scratch?

Building a website from scratch varies based on complexity. A typical process includes initial discovery and wireframe creation, taking about 6-8 weeks on average.

2) Where can I look online to find the top design firms?

To find top web design firms, check out platforms like Dribbble and Behance for agencies and freelancers. You can also look at prestigious web design awards sites like Awwwards, The FWA, CSSDA, and the Webby Awards for recognized talent.

3) What to look for when choosing a professional web design agency?

To choose a professional web design agency, check online directories like Dribbble and Behance, consider additional services they offer, and assess if they specialize in your industry or sector.

4) What are the benefits of working with a small web design firm?

Small web design firms offer direct access to experts, personalized attention, and quicker communication, unlike larger agencies where junior designers may handle smaller projects.

5) How to evaluate the work of a web design agency?

Evaluate a web design agency’s work by focusing on strategic elements like target audience alignment, ease of use for visitors, SEO optimization, relevant content, and website responsiveness.

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